What is Knowmail?

An intelligent inbox assistant that helps you stay on top of your game without spending too much time

More focus

One inbox, no context switching

Less effort and stress

Personalized A.I, eliminating manual work

Trustworthy assistant

To get more done

How to get started?

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Install/Connect Knowmail

Microsoft Outlook, Virtual Personal Assistant
or a Bot


It takes a few minutes to learn you

Trust, Privacy and Security
is in our DNA


Start working on your priorities

Read your most important messages first, summarized and actionable


Will it work for me?

Well, if you’re an employee receiving more than 50 new emails a day, then the answer is Yes!

  • In my job, I manage lead generation, sales teams and even work with customers. I get hundreds of emails a day and am constantly conflicted about whether to answer email or do the things that really matter to my business. With Knowmail, I no longer have to make the decision… I can do both!

    Gil Don, Country Manager at Veritas
  • It’s easy to spot junk mail, but across all of my projects and vendor relationships, I needed a better way to identify the important from the non-important. Since I started using Knowmail, I no longer need to spend endless hours sifting through my inbox. It keeps my focus on the most critical emails so I have more time to get things done.

    Natraj Subramaniam, VP Architecture and Delivery Assurance at Verint
  • Knowmail has changed my email life. I am no longer stuck in my mail inbox. I can quickly review the critical messages and get on with more value added activities. The product is fantastic. Great user interface and the best email search capability I have ever experience. I highly recommend it for any company; small or large.

    Eric Shapiro, Senior Director, Information Technology at Unilife
  • I work with a lot of diverse teams and between the constant meetings and numerous email conversations, there’s not enough time in the day. Knowmail enables me to quickly process my most important emails whether I have five minutes or fifty. It’s like my own virtual assistant that keeps my attention on our operations, instead of on my inbox.

    Ben Eldar, EVP at CodeValue
  • The next wave of Human Computer Interface (HCI) will be assistive intelligence, increasing daily productivity. The more we can sort out value from the email chaos, the more time individuals can focus on driving value for the company and its customers. Knowmail has promised a cure and it looks they are well on their way to one...for the individual and company.

    Earl Newsome, Global CIO at PraxAir
  • It’s critical to quickly address the right problems, at the right time. However, working with large teams means a constant email flow and a danger of missing important emails. Knowmail helps with aligning my team around corporate objectives and provides the control I need on multiple platforms, to keep me connected and in command.

    Ran Erman, Director of Worldwide Support at ClickSoftware
  • With many daily interactions with customers, partners and vendors, my inbox overflows with emails. As I make sure to view all emails and finish with inbox zero, it takes me unreasonable amount of time. Knowmail’s conversation view and predicted next-best-action efficiently maintain my inbox zero and current tasks, and do so at a fraction of the time.

    Yossi Binyamin, CIO & VP IT at Ness Technologies